29 September 2006

something going on around here.

i don't know what it is exactly, but there is something going down. on my way into work this morning there was a lot more traffic than normal, and the aggressiveness was a lot higher than normal. people passing on normally quiet roads. huge line at starbucks. a lot of people in the office already. hmmm.

man am i glad it's friday. work has been depressing me lately...i feel under utilized. but, at the same time, do i really want to move up/increase my scope at this place that i don't really love? seriously, if i did this for the next 20 years i'd be clinically depressed. not because i hate it but because i don't love it.

blah blah bliggity blah. everyone feels this way sometimes, right?

went for a run last night in elver park and then hit pilates. that's all i've got about that.

our dog has officially hit adolescence. he is being a little bastard. reverting back to little pup behaviors, not listening to us, everything we read would happen but thought 'not us.'

28 September 2006

*shrugs shoulders*

after i busy day of work, i decided i'd run from work thus totally avoiding my list of distractions i have when i get home from work. playstation, television, computer...all wastes of time. i ran out to the pope farm county park and did a nice lap there...it's really good trial for running. they had a cross country race there as part of the wors trail series this year but i was in denmark. then i ran back to work. google pedometer has it around 7ish miles and i was back at my car in around 52 minutes...so not too bad. lots of rolling hills and my legs were feeling the downs for sure.

after that, robin was home (very rare for her to beat me) so we packed up the family and took the boy to the dog park. he loves that place, but needs to learn some restraint. he was pretty winded after about 10 minutes because he sprints from dog to dog until one is willing to start chasing him. silly boy. that reminds me, the dogblog got updated finally (we're slackers). well, i think it did anyway...it was having a hard time publishing it last night. then we ran some errands and hit smokey bones for dinner for a little bbq. tasty.

"boy on bike, what is it like...as you cycle around the town?
you're going up you're going down you're going...nowhere.
it's not as if they're paying you.
it's not as if it's fun...at least not anymore.
it's time to take a break, when your legs are black and blue,
it's time to take a break, when your legs are black and blue,
it's time to take a holiday." -belle and sebastian.

27 September 2006


hit nine holes last night at pleasant view with greg--the prairie nine. the first 3 or 4 holes were ugly, but hey...i haven't touched a club since last october. i finished the last 4 holes playing bogey golf (with two very makable par putts) so that's not so bad. by the last hole i was really wanting to keep playing...i was actually hitting the ball straight.

other than that, not a real eventful evening. i've been feeling really tired lately...i don't think i've been sleeping really that well. i'll just have to run a little further tonight to tire myself out i guess.

26 September 2006

without further...

did a nice 6ish mile run last night, picked up the dog and went to the neighborhood park for 10 minutes of strides. he loves doing strides...i look at him and say 'ready?' and he gets super jumpy. then we run.

dog class was last night and it felt like it would never end. i think we'll be taking the next block of classes off, oliver's owners need a break. we'll get back into it in january though.

wrapped that up with some yummy stuffed peppers and a little mnfootball. not bad for a monday.

the news anchor this morning hinted that the recent drop in gas prices is coinciding with the fall elections...sort of a conspiracy theory. interesting....coo-coo. it has nothing to do with the fact that the usa is in a travel lull this time of the year, not to mention the switch to winter gas (which doesn't use any crappy ethanol). and who knows what's going on in china, india, europe, etc. where they actually use fossil fuels as well. yea, it has everything to do our mid term elections.

25 September 2006

good weekend, bad monday (already)

the weekend started with dinner out with chris and lynn. saturday we got up, lounged a little and then took oliver to the dog park in verona. this was his first visit and he loved it. i mean, he was so excited. i ran home from the park via the ice age trail...good run except i grew a couple more blisters on the bottoms of my feet to go with the blisters on my heals...nice. then it was off to the mt. horeb beer festival with greg and kerry (sp?). furthermore brewery from spring green was representing...and they got all our votes for best beer. one of our friends does all the graphic design for the packaging and it was looking tight. the we went to the grumpy troll for dinner (and to soak up some of the alcohol) and then back home for a fairly early night in bed. sunday we did some more lounging, bought an external hard drive to back our computer up (we thought our hard drive was croaking) and then got out in the beautiful weather with the dog. we hiked around blue mounds, checked out brigham park and then took the long cut home. what a beautiful day. finished the weekend off with pork chops and apple sauce...tasty.

work has been slowly, methodically and surly getting me down lately. most of the management are women...and most of those women are on maternity leave. so a lot of bs is filtering down (you know, everyone has to go beyond their job descriptions without any reward because of other peoples' choice to have a small human). i'm doing work for other groups that have no organization whatsoever.

and it's bringing me down.

22 September 2006


last night i took the night off from running/pilates/anything athletic and opted for some lawn mowing. i had the really bright idea of wearing my golf shoes while i mowed because i have never really broken them in and we are entering my golf season. well, these shoes are nikes and my feet have a history of blistering from nikes and this is no exception. i wore them for the front yard only, and switched to running shoes at the first sign of friction. ah, but they got me. i have a blister on each of my 'pump bumps' on my heals. great, should make tonights run that much more fun.

speaking of run, i'm going to hit the pheasant branch conservancy after work. i saw a map of that place and, using google pedometer, it seems like it might be around 5k around the loop, if that's the case it could be a great locale for some tempo work down the road (wayyyy down the road that is). i estimated my mileage from wed night's run and, with under estimating my distance covered, if my calculations are correct, i averaged 7:15. now, it was only for 6 miles but it's a start. in my mind i was running 8's at least...encouraging but still a long road to go.

tomorrow is the mt. horeb beer fest. i'm looking forward to it. we may hit headrush at bluemounds park in the morning if the weather cooperates...headrush is a fundraiser for brain tumor research/ awareness. sweet. maybe on sunday i'll do the end of the season bike clean up (clean/overhaul) if i'm not too hung over.

21 September 2006


the strides from the other night really did a number on my legs. in a good way. it's amazing to me to be in fairly good shape and yet be so deficient in so many muscle groups. i put the 20 minute pilates dvd in after my run last night and made it though about 12 minutes of it...i pulled the plug when i started to get sloppy. so, besides my legs being sore my core is pretty sore as well.

i know, stop whining...i did it to myself. thing is, i'm not whining. i'm actually excited about these sensations...it means i'm working some things that needed to be worked. blah blah blah.

i've officially pulled the plug on the rest of the bike season. i wasn't going to do anymore wors races, and my shedule is dictating that i miss blockhouse and mike's race. i can't say i'm really that sad about it, because i'm not.

and...i've signed up to do a 5k fun run in october to 'test the waters' a bit. get a feel for where i'm at (which i already have a pretty good idea of). i have no time goals but i'm sure it'll be a sobering experience.

i tried making bread with our breadmaker yesterday and what i did produce was a brick of sourdough. i hope it was bad yeast and not the idiot running the thing...because if i can't figure out breadmaker bread, i really am a lost cause in the kitchen.

20 September 2006


i woke up this morning feeling tired. it may have something to do with the running last night...well, not so much the running but what came afterward. i stopped by the house to pick up oliver and headed to the park for some strides. this is the first 'fast' running i've done in a long while so today i'm feeling i little heavy. it's amazing to think that in a year from now i'll be closing in on the tcm...baby steps i guess.

oliver was totally into helping me do my workout. while i was recovering, he was sniffing in the tall grass. when i'd do a stride out he'd come flying up along side me, not seeming to really be pushing himself too much...that boy can run.

we got our rental car bill from our dk trip yesterday. lets just say that when renting a car i highly recommend getting the insurance...we will from now on.

the weather is beautiful around these parts...clear skies and a 60° high, nice.

mark green's ads are already starting to get to me. the whole 'i'm a good guy' routine is a little overplayed. we all know that polititians really aren't that great of people...it's the nature of the business.

did i mention it's nice out today?

19 September 2006

cool weather.

on my way into work i saw a dead possum (i know, real interesting). but it reminded me of something i saw over the weekend. i got up at 5 to get the bike to the start line and as i was walking out of the hotel a feret-like creature was running accross the parking lot. or weasel. or whatever but it looked like a feret. ok, so it's not really that interesting but that is what you get for reading this.

last night after dog class i did pilates. oliver thought i looked like a fool but i can really see how that can improve flexability/core strength. i only did the exercise turorial dvd so i'm not too sore, maybe tonight i'll do the actual 20 minute workout.

speaking of dog class, oliver was a freak. barking and trying to jump up on the instructor. it's weird, when he is supposed to be doing something he does it-no problem. he is the best in the class at doing the 'tricks.' but in between, when the instructor is talking, he is probably the worst dog in class (besides the collie next to us that is). he is still a baby so i guess he's got an excuse.

18 September 2006

death march.

in the back of my mind, i knew it was going to be bad. from about half way through the road lead out onward, i had nothing. i tried and tried but there was nothing to do...it was one of those days. "bridge to engine room...i need more power!" "engine room to bridge....fuck off!"

i guess that is what i get for all the spotty training i've logged over the past 6 weeks. but i wouldn't trade a good fat tire performance for a trip to europe...that is for sure.

i was 17 minutes slower than last year and about 140 places worse. hmmm, the numbers are making me depressed.

i wish i would have done better, because i know my capabilities and i also know that i probably won't be doing fat tire next year...it being only 2 weeks before the tcm and all. fat tire #10 will have to wait for a year or two.

in other weekend activities, we saw willy porter in hayward on friday night. man can that guy play his guitar. he does some amazing things with his fingers...if you ever get a chance you should check him out.

it was good to see my family as well (mom, jim, dad, brooks, rebecca, grace...i hope i didn't forget anyone) and oliver is completely exhausted from all the action.

14 September 2006

we don't always want what's right.

last night i was searching through some old stuff for some old nike ads i kept from years ago. while i didn't find them, i did come across my old fat tire numbers from years past. leading up to this year's event, i figured that this would be fat tire #7 for me. turns out i wasn't remembering correctly and in fact this will be fat tire #9. i lost a couple years somewhere (which is always what i say about my college years too). how did that happen? the years i 'lost' in college cost me grad school. at least losing the memories of a couple of fat tires doesn't quite have the same outcome.

i've come a long way over the years...and i'm a much different person now then i was then. mostly. and it's weird to think about the decisions, the experiences, the circumstances that it has taken to bring me here...in my desk chair...at my office in middleton wi.

i feel like i have stagnated a lot over the past couple of years. life has been good, i'm very fortunate, and i think i've let that go to my head. i look at my athletic pursuits as my personal 'canary in the coal mine' and over the course of the last 2 years, i've been hesitant to push it...hesitant to hurt if you will. i've never been one to be happy to just finish and that is what it's been feeling like lately. and that part of me that pushed, that wasn't happy unless i met my goals, has been sorely missed.

the problem has been i've involved myself in things that are difficult to set goals to achieve. the nature of my work is that you never know what is coming downstream at you, and the majority of the work i do is to get it done, generate revenue and move on to the next, unrelated task/client. there is rarley an opportunity to become an expert at anything...unless you count being expert at switching gears. it's the same with mountain biking...the courses are all pretty transient in nature, last year's mud pit is this year's rock hard race course...and the metric for progress is finishing place and not finishing time. and that is dependant on so many other factors.

what does all this mean? hell if i know...i'm just blogging what's on my mind this morning. everyone who reads this has read this type of post before. and everytime i apologize....as i do for this one.

13 September 2006

elementary class in kung fu.

i think i'm coming down with something. hmmm. it's only a matter of time that i get sick in the autumn, but this is early so maybe it's allergies. i'll be hitting the green tea and the zinc losenges for sure. hopefully i can still ride a little tonight.

we voted last night and in our voting district for this primary election there had only been 450 people there throughout the day (and that was at 7). rock the vote people, there are some important races this year...including the governor and the state attorney general not to mention the smaller state assembly postions which really do affect you (if you live in wi of course).

i ran last night since it was still raining. it rained steadily since sunday early morning...but i think we are in the clear now....for a few days anyway.

12 September 2006

i'm serious.

my sister is engaged. what great news! morten is a great guy and i'm excited to have him as part of our family. may is the tentative wedding month. they are still deciding where to have it...i wouldn't mind another european adventure!! i'll give more details as i get them. CONGRATS BETH AND MORTEN!

intermediate training class last night for oliver...no more puppy time for our boy. he was uber excited at first but calmed down nicely and performed well. he has got stay and leave it figured out pretty good (as long as we're pumping him with treats). he's a good boy.

since it's apparently monsoon season around here i opted to run last night. it felt good to get home with the muddy run legs you get from running on trails in the rain. i'm eager to start on my core strength program but have been holding off until after fat tire. i'm going to be forcing myself to do pilates, hitting the swiss ball with medicine ball, and the ever popular push ups for starters. if all goes well i may hit the weight room at work occasionally to suplement. anyway, my training philosophy for the next 2-3 months is wellness and overall body fitness...i've been neglecting the core/upper body for too long.

week 1 in fantasy football resulted in an L. oh well.

i'm getting spamed like crazy to my hotmail email address. it's from comments posted on our team site. what a great set up, sam takes over the website, changes all logins and then decides he can't be in charge of it because of other obligations. so i take it but i don't think he gave me all the required administrator logins initially or any know how help so i can't do anything with the site...and what baffles me more is that scott is still listed as the site adminsitrator and i can get to the team wisconsin site through the back door of the big ring site. it makes no sense to me...it's like trying to read a book from some random page in the middle. the more i try to figure it out the deeper i go into the confusion cave.

where was i? oh yea, so what better time to try out gmail, right? i have an account...but will still check both. hoenischad@gmail.com

that's it from madison. (i am a bitter little man).

11 September 2006

i got it already.

as you can tell, i'm real busy at work today.


i lost my header image. this is fine, bloggers way of telling me i need to update my look. so, i'm switching to beta and starting to mess with how this thing looks. it WILL get worse before better...i just hope i don't burn anyone's retinas.


every year around this time our sunday is based around the iron man madison event. this year even more so with our good friend greg participating. we saw the start/swim, we saw the bike, we saw the finish. every year it amazes me the people that some how find the strength to finish. the strength to smile in the midst of inconceivable exhaustion. it really is inspirational and if you ever get a chance to watch the finish in person you should do it.

and the rain...it rained almost from start until finish. can you imagine? wet for 9-17 hours...amazing. truly amazing. greg finished in the mid 12s...and though i know he was a little disappointed, the rain had to be worth an hour of time. it really was that miserable out there.

and now, the roads are open. those crazed tri geeks will be off the roads for a few days at least. that is until the type a kicks back in and they are on the roads getting ready for next year (which should start up next week or so).

08 September 2006

novocaine for the soul.

why do people choose to not use their turn signal? in denmark, everyone uses it. here...not so much. i'm no sociology whiz, but it seems to be indicative of something deeper...like just how considerate people here are towards one another. doesn't it seem that people are becoming less and less caring about one another? i know i'm guilty of it. no turn signal, loud music, not cleaning up the crap in your yard, doing what YOU want all the time. minor examples i know. but none the less indicitive (in my opinion).

i did a hot lap on my hour loop last night (bike). felt ok, although i'm feeling a little tentative about my abilities on a bike these days. mowed the yard to try to get a jump on this weekend's forcasted wet weather. i must say it looks damn good.

i better wrap this up....before i sputter out.

07 September 2006

i was chewing gum...

ran last night...my right leg is feeling strained. i slipped on wet pavement over the weekend and i think that these sensations may be due to that. it doesn't feel serious, just the first of many of these little things along the way towards my 2007 marathon. i'll ride tonight and give it a little break. ron talked me into a long ride saturday morning on the military ridge trail...i could use some mtb time for sure.

it's a big weekend for the big ten. namely, for ohio state and penn state. go state(s)!

it's looking a little grim weather-wise for ironman this weekend. well, if i were doing it the weather would be looking perfect. mid 60s, rain. sure beats mid 80s and humid but for some reason i think a lot of people would disagree with that.

06 September 2006

when you gonna ring it?

hit the bike for 1.5hrs last night and i felt remarkably good. considering the volumes i've been pushing lately, that is something. i think it may be due to the weather, it was a glorious evening and it was nice just to be out.

i made dinner (gasp) last night and it actually tasted pretty good. this is one of my things i'm going to try to do more of...but i've been saying that since robin and i got married (or maybe even before that).

this spring i had tried for a powerbar sponsorship....i didn't get it (but they sent me a box of powerbars just for trying). but i did get the opportunity to participate in a market research study for some new flavors. it was pretty painless and even kind of fun. we got a powerbar in the mail in an unmarked foil wrapper and we had to taste it and assess its attributes. whatever, we did that a few months ago. i thought i had remembered something about an rei gift card as reimbursment for my time but didn't put too much thought towards it. well, yesterday i got a $20 gift card in the mail. needless to say, i'm a big powerbar fan. and they've come a long way since my sophomore year of high school when i first started choking them down. i distinctly remember my first time trying one...on the bus going to a xc meet. it was chocolate with some sort of crunchy pod things embedded in the bar. it tasted like a shingle. now, well, it tastes like a tasty shingle. but i like the texture of powerbars a lot more than the granola-esque texture of the cliff bar.

05 September 2006

zombie zoo

this was a good 3 day weekend. it felt like a good balance between getting work done around the house, training and socializing. they should all be 3 day weekends in my opinion. it's weird to think that we are still only 1 week out from our vacation...everything is back to normal and it's almost feeling routine again, which means i need to mix it up already.

got out for a longish ride on saturday, i think that fat tire is going to toss my salad. but that is alright, if i have to death march any race fat tire is a good one to do it at, just being there is fun. i ran on sunday and felt really good doing so. i took yesterday off so we could head to western milwaukee land for edwardos and a little shopping.

01 September 2006

lawn crackers.

last night we were walking oliver and his typical routine is to try to eat everything that doesn't look attached to the ground. he darted at something and lucked out...he found some lawn crackers. ritz crackers i think, what they were doing in someone's lawn is one of those questions for the ages.

we bought a teapot and a crystal bowl in demark. to avoid taxes and overburdening our luggage on the way home, we had them ship it to us back in the states. well, while scandinavian design is top notch, their packing skills are really poor. we haven't opened the teapot yet, mostly because it sounds as if it is in a million little pieces. now we have to try to get a hold of someone and get them to remedy the situation. great.

just getting the package in the first place was an ordeal. lets just say that i almost went postal while at the post office (rather fitting i guess).

my fantasy football draft was last night. another year of mediocrity is in my future. good thing it doesn't mean anything in the big scheme...unless i win that is.

i ran last night. only 6 miles or so but this run felt different. like maybe my legs took a half of a step towards being in some small type of running shape. or maybe i just had a good day.