31 August 2006


what a beautiful morning. one of those mornings where sitting on the deck with book and coffee would be the best option. but, at least i sit by a window at work now.

so, i rode my bike last night (gasp) and it actually felt good. i decided to hit the roads in my retro bike costume (the louis garneau kit for those in the know) to remain unrecognizable. funny, i didn't see anyone out on the roads...you can tell the roadies are shutting it down and the iron man competitors are tapering. so, with the roads to myself i spent 90 minutes staring at my hairy legs. felt good to get out, but i think i'm going to run tonight...

some teacher in eau claire got busted with 3 kg of injectable steroids. weird.

we had a coffee maker we liked, made by black and decker. then, a month ago or so we got a recall notice saying something about a fire hazard. i had to cut the plug off and send it in (i felt like the godfather). we got the replacement (different model) yesterday but i don't know how it brews coffee because the on/off switch doesn't work. this is reminding me of the dentist...where you go in feeling fine and 3 weeks after the visit you still feel some pain from whatever procedure they decided you needed.

30 August 2006


on my drive into work this morning i heard a song by the band train and it got me thinking. how do you classify bands like train and counting crows? they have almost become superbands...although soft ones. i've seen the counting crows live and train performing live on television and they both have the same type of performances...overly produced, highly scripted shows...but they play their music tight. i guess i really don't have a point to this...it's just that i remember when i first heard the counting crows in high school, they sounded so fresh and different. it's funny how people, bands, teams evolve with time.

i read an interview with one of the usa's top distance runners yesterday and he said something about doping that i find very intriguing. he said that he thought it was totally reasonable for non-doping athletes to sue proven dopers for losses in prize money and potential sponsorship deals lost because of the cheating athlete. can you imagine the implications of that if some one was successful? i think that could be the ultimate deterant...take money away. you take the money, then what is the point of cheating? that would be one huge law suit a year in cycling for the past few years....and that is only thinking about grand tours.

i felt like i was getting sick yesterday so i opted out of any training activities. instead i mowed our hayfield and cleaned up the yard a little bit. it looks really good...better than i thought it would one year out from the crappy yard we had last fall. and i think my sick sensations are allergies...it's that time of the year for sure.

ron told me i should try for a prefferred start for fat tire. i'm not going to do it. i've been on my bike twice since the 12 hour race (number plate still on the bike) and for that reason alone i'm not going for the preffered start. plus, i'll be staying in hayward this year...pretty easy to get to the start line to set up my bike and head back to the hotel and get a few more winks...

29 August 2006


here is beth, morten, robin and myself outside of the castle that inspired the writing of hamlet. not bad for our first full day in dk.


on special occasions, there is an alcohol that one has with lunch in denmark known as snaps. it's called aquavit (sp?) and it tastes like ouzo. i'm thinking about it right now because just a day or two ago i was in a land where it is after 2pm right now...and i'd be feeling the snaps and lunch beers. instead, i'm back at work.

there is also a special occasion drink for breakfast known as bitters. that is good too, although even wisconsinites have to cringe a little at the thought of drinking jagermeister at the breakfast table. but, when in rome...

i'm still reeling a bit from the jet lag... i thought that our 11 hour sleep marathon our first night back would take care of it but i'm still feeling it. i had a hard time sleeping last night but hopefully in a day or two. we're unpacked and getting settled back in. our boy is home and, incidentally, he is now a graduate of puppy 2 class. we are so pround of him. he was so excited that he tried to get a little 'action' from the other airedale in class. hmmm...maybe it's time for the old snip snip.

28 August 2006

back in the u.s.

well, we're back in the good old usa (if there was any doubt that was ended by the drive from chicago to madison). i have to say that a good old american shower really hit the spot...more on that later. there is no way to sum up all of our experiences in one post...and really i'm not feeling it right now, but i will be writing about this one for some time into the future.

what stands out most to me is the importance of travel, immersing yourself into another way of life and observing what works and what doesn't and then trying to apply that to improve your own life. i love this country, but man we do some stupid shit. and, there are some things there that definatly could be improved.

i loved our trip. it was so good to see morten and beth (and his parents) and the jacobsens. it was great to see both urban and rural settings within the country. having 1 foot in the north sea and 1 foot in the baltic sea at sunset in skagen was so nice. copenhagen was a great city, and the public transportation was unlike anything i've seen here (especially when you consider the city is home to only around a million people). canal tour, ferry ride, castles from 400-500 years ago, bakeries, scandanavian design and style, swedish hair, bridges, old churches, banker's hours everyday everywhere, and more bikes than cars are all just highlights of the trip, and there are so many stories in between.

and, i feel refreshed. i'm actually looking forward to going back to work. i'm happy to be home. i'm excited to see/talk to friends i haven't seen in a while. it's as if my settings have been reset to the default factory settings, and i will be able to rebuild my everyday life into something a little more satisfying, a little more worth while. life is good and it seems like sometimes it's pretty easy to forget that, it's pretty easy to live for the weekend and not relish every moment in between. hopefully i can take advantage and be a happier person because of it.

and talk about surreal, last night we stopped by walgreens to pick up some prescriptions. while robin was inside, there was an attempted shoplift and eventually an assault and battery of the store manager that we witnessed. it happened right in front of me...i had been awake for almost 38 of the previous 41 hours so everything was taking a while to process...when robin came out she called the police. at one point there were 3 really big black ladies throwing haymakers at the manager. then they got in the getaway car and tore out of there. i've never witnessed anything like that...and it scared me a lot.

20 August 2006

æ ø å µ

iøm in denmark and i feel fine. weøve been super well cared for, dinner party at the jacobsens, dinner at mortens parents. great food, great drinks, great ocean views. what a great vacation and we're only 2 days into it.

anyway, not much time to write. all i can say is that the beer is good and the herring is even better-especially the curried herring.

more to come.

16 August 2006

sick dog preceding transatlantic.

that's right, we have a very sick little dog. he was up off and on last night vomiting. always the gentleman, most of the time he waited until he got outside...most of the time. he is exhausted this morning, and he won't take any food (no biggie) or water (worrisome). all he wants to do is sleep, so that's what we let him do. you know he is sick when he just lays in his crate with the door open.

the timing could be better, but what are we going to do?

this very well could be my last entry for a while. if i can scrounge internet access, i'll post a little something but who knows if that will happen? minimally, i will try to check email a couple of times.... hoenischad@hotmail.com

i ran last night. decided to drive over to the ice age trail in verona and run on that out and back. ended up with around an hour (my watch says around 7.5 miles of running with only about 380 ft of climbing). i still haven't calibrated the foot pod so this could be way off...but in my mind that is about what i thought the pace was. it felt good and the only time i saw people was running through the soccer fields and when the iat coincides with the military ridge trail...otherwise i was solitary which was nice.

so anyway, i guess this farewell for a while. scandinavia, here we come!

15 August 2006

more thoughts.

1 day closer to dk...i can't believe we leave in a couple of days. work is bringing me down right now...i work with a bunch of morons. i'll leave it at that.

this weekend i had the fortune of hanging out with a bunch of runners. it always amazes me the differences you can see with groups of people with differing interests. take cyclists for instance. i think cyclists are so much more like motorheads due to the dependance on a machine for the act of cycling to be possible. fitness is only a small component of bike racing, you've got the bike and the bike handling as well. i think that shows in how cyclists approach social situations as well. i can't quite put a finger on it but it had a different feel. runners seem more laid back, more cerebral. maybe it's because there is a little bit less peripherally to think about when executing the run. you monitor your body, your pace, how you feel...but it is all 'on your person' so to speak. and don't get me started with triathletes...the blending of three disciplines seems to screw most people up. the obsessiveness is there but the fun is definately lacking.

it's interesting to me, probably not to most of the few who read this. i had a nice run last night, squeezed between work and puppy class. i felt like crap in reality, but i was the fastest i've been on this particular loop by a full minute since i restarted running a bit. i guess that means my running is improving, from worse to bad? i have no idea about my pacing...i've got the approach of run first and ask questions later (ragarding pace and distance). just get back into it a little.

i'm thinking about bagging the rest of wors. i won't make any final decisions until we get back, but i really almost dread going to those races. fat tire is definate...but i may just call it a year after that. maybe hit the mt. horeb beer fest, have an apple orchard weekend, do a foot race or two and enjoy the best time of the year to be alive.

anyway, talked to my sister last night and she got me pretty excited to be on vacation in 2 days. it's going to go fast, so i'm really going to try and relish every minute.

14 August 2006

nice time.

this weekend pat became a married man and i had the honor of being his right hand man for the big day. from friday to sunday, the weekend was a treat. katie and pat did a great job making sure everything had been arranged...i must say it was my second favorite wedding behind ours!

anyway, i'm pretty tired this morning. i've got a pile of work to do before the end of the day wednesday and i'm already getting work queued up for when i get back. busy is good i guess, but not when you are fighting to keep your mind in work mode rather than vacation mode.

10 August 2006

colonic terrorists.

the merging of two completely seperate thoughts.

first off, this morning's news of terrorism in the uk is a little unsettling considering that in 7 days and a few hours we'll be on a plane hurtling towards europe. but, as is the case with a lot of things these days...we just have to rethink how we do things. i'm going the light carry-on path to prevent any trouble in customs. i'll still get 'randomly' searched but at least they will have less to sort through.

last night we needed to run a few errands. on the way downtown we saw a car with license plate reading: colonic. weird. so we went to borders, to walgreens and to the ben and jerry's scoop shop. on our way home we saw the same car with colonic on the license plate. weird.

finally, i rode my bike last night! it felt good to generate some wind again.

through all of this turmoil, it would really help everyone involved to ask themselves 'what would w do?' (wwwd?). they, do the opposite. that's how i roll.

09 August 2006

so that she could wear terry underwear.

belle and sebastian crack me up. i popped that cd in this morning on the way in and now i'm set up for a good day. cd?...what is this cd you speak of? i remember when tapes were becoming obsolete...

"she was into s and m and bible study not everyone's cup of tea she would admit to me." great lyric.

more painting last night...not the cathartic kind but the kind that you just need to roll up the sleeves and get it done. another evening where the dinner hour is pushed past 9 bells. and another night with running...i could get used to this. but i'm not going to let myself, i've still got objectives for this season on the bicycle. maybe i'll ride tonight...probably not time trials, not really feeling like making my eyes cross after not riding for the better part of 2 weeks.

if you are feeling sinister, go off and see a minister...

08 August 2006

i hear the ticking of clocks.

where did monday go? lets see: work, run, puppy class, prime the trim, eat pizza, go to bed. oh yea, now i remember. rem has a song for night swimming and gardening at night...both nice things to do at night. i now understand why mr. stipe never wrote a song about painting at night....

tonight will be more of the same, sans puppy class. speaking of puppy, something is up with our boy. i think he has one more wave of teething to endure...he is chewing like crazy and acting really restless...like he is in pain or something. he didn't sleep well last night (ie we didn't sleep well last night) and he was moping around this morning. poor guy.

my run last night felt really good. i'm not sure when i'll get back on the bike again...maybe next week? i haven't had the time lately, i mean...45 minutes of biking? i might as well load up the playstation. but a 45 minute run, 6 miles or so, i guess it seems more worth while. maybe i'm fos...is that even a web acronym?

i'm going over best man toasts in my head. there seems to be some compulsory components of it...you know, 'i've known so and so for...' then there is the humorous anecdote: ...'and then he ended up in jail,' oh wait that was me. then, there is some room to move...you can get sappy. if you are married, you can offer some advice. you can ramble on with more anecdotes that only make sense to you and the man of the night. or you can quote an old irish verse about long life and happiness. of course, i've distilled this down to generalities, but maybe i'll be able to buck the trend and come up with something unique. probably not...i've only known about this for many MONTHS now, and i still don't know exactly what i'm saying. i guess i could wing it but odds are i'd end up being remembered as 'that guy.'

in 9 days, we'll be in dk.

07 August 2006

i'm not getting old.

what a weekend. with this being the last weekend at home before we are gone for the next 3, our intent was to get a lot of the odds and ends stuff finished around the house. you know, the projects we've started but haven't quite finished...everyone has them i guess. we still do but we're doing a lot better.

landscaping: there is no longer mulch in our garage. and, we have a new bed in the back with plants. i must say, we did a damn good job picking plants. i really take a lot of satisfaction from landscaping even though it is hard work.

trim painting: it's scraped and sanded. the full morning rain yesterday kept us from priming, but we'll try to take a chunk out of it each night this week...hopefully.

odds and ends: we both did some work work (yuck), both got haircuts, did some house cleaning, i worked on bikes, ran, plus a bunch of stuff i can't remember. all in all, an a+ weekend (if you're into hard labor).

maybe i am getting old.

04 August 2006


i ran last night, and for whatever reason i think a lot more running than i do on the bike. it occurred to me that over the past 3-4 years, i've gotten really complacent with my racing. i haven't really 'put my nose in there' and gotten after it in a race situation, and the slow decay in my results are showing that. i'm not capable of being a pro, but i am capable of going faster. it used to be i'd train willy nilly, surely doing more hard/speed work than i should, but at least i was doing speedwork...now i'm so concerned about full recovery, zone 2 rides, blah blah blah that i've dumbed my legs into being slower.

i guess that is why i'm being drawn back to running...it's been a while since i've felt comfortable running...right now every run hurts a little. as my running fitness grows, one of my goals is to still hurt a little on most runs...i can recover on the bike. maybe my competitive edge will come back as a result.

enough of that talk. this weekend is an odds and ends weekend. with pat's big day next weekend and then us leaving for the next two weekends after that, we need to wrap some stuff up in preparation. i'm not planning on much relaxation...that is for our vacation. finish the landscaping, do some man scaping (i just felt like saying that), paint our trim (and finish scraping some), pre-emptive laundry, yadda yadda. nice. i am going to try to sleep in one of the two days...so that's something.

03 August 2006

one more night.

no training again last night...this is becoming a nice long break. i don't race again until september, so i guess it's alright. greg came by for dinner last night and oliver did his best to try to scare him. our boy is getting big and his jumping up is getting pretty intimidating. i guess that is why we are going to puppy class.

i cannot believe it is thursday already.

tonight i'm getting back on the bike even though i'm still suffering in the stomach a little. maybe i just need to 'blow the carbon out.'

02 August 2006

more of the same.

whew, my stomach problems are finally starting to dissapate. i won't go into detail because it is not pleasent, but i'm feeling a lot better.

i finally pulled the trigger on a new hrm. i've been going without since my batteries died on the polar 510. it was going to be 70 bucks to get it refurbished with new batteries/transmitter/wrist band so i decided i would buy the s625x instead. i've always wanted altitude and the potential to record power (though i hear polar power is a little iffy). also, the footpod intrigues me as well though i've read/heard mixed reviews on that too. so, with the money i got in a wheel deal i went for it...now i'll be staring at the mailbox everyday until i get it.

robin made reservations for our rental car in denmark. we decided that even though it's expensive, a car for the whole time was the way to go. we'll still use the trains to get downtown copenhagen, but to see the countryside it'll be nice to have free range. i'm getting really excited. we're going to spend some time in sweden and mainland denmark as well.

no time trials tonight. assuming my stomach is back to normal, i may run or lightly spin but i am no way ready to jam the throttle. physically or mentally. not to mention that our house is a wreck...there are piles of my stuff everywhere. i've been so drained/sick that i just haven't been able to do simple stuff like put away clean clothes. tonight all that changes!


01 August 2006

sore and tired.

boy, i am not recovering well from this past weekends festivities. i feel achy, sore, and i'm having some stomach problems. mostly though, i'm just flat out tired. work is not exactly where i want to be at the moment, but i have a long list of things to get done. so it goes i guess.

puppy class last night. during play time, oliver insisted that the other dogs chase him around the pen. there was a poodle that got really frustrated and started barking...but he just couldn't catch our boy. funny.

other than that, still cleaning up from the weekend. the heat isn't making it much fun, hopefully this is the last day of this spell.

this blog sucks.