30 November 2005

far far away.

first off, adam finally updated his site...nice work.

not much else to report. i made dinner last night...that's something. besides that, nothing.

i'm going to cross plains tonight to play basketball with ron, sam and greg. here's to not being able to walk for the next several days!

28 November 2005

b-b-b-b-b-bird bird bird

whew, thanksgiving is over. thanksgiving was really good, my only regret is that we stayed 1 day too long. we'll make a note for subsequent years!

friday we did some running. i ended up going for an hour and was a little sore afterward. i went harder than i had intended but it felt good. saturday i did some singlespeeding in the snow and i had so much fun. i saw one hunter and about a mile later, i saw a huge deer crossing the trail. i'm not against hunting except it really screws up what i like to do. plus, i wouldn't trust half the people out there in cars much less toting a gun around the woods. i really am suprised there aren't more casualties.

sunday we got to see some friends we haven't seen in a while. saralyn and dave (and patsy) stopped by for a bit. as they were leaving, mark and lisa stopped in and we had a really nice visit with them. we did some speed shopping, some holiday decorating, and then we relaxed for a while. it was nice to have a long weekend and i actually don't feel too bad about being back at work this morning (ask again in a few hours and i will totally change my tune...)

23 November 2005

last night...

last night we went to see 'songwriters in the round' at the casbah resturaunt/bar in dtown madison. our friend kelly pardekooper was playing with dale kidd and jim schwall. it was the first time we've been able to see kelly, and i was really impressed. he kept telling us that he was better with a mic, if that is so he'll knock our socks off. anyway, the best line of the night was from jim schwall..."i drink beer from a can and sleep it off in a van." priceless. we managed to not try the hookah which is probably for the best....

prior to that i did some one leg drills on the bike. another speedy hour on the trainer. i've decided to give expert mtn biking a shot again in 2006...thinking back on my first try, it had been a stressfull summer with a job and city change, a lot of travelling and being apart from robin for extended periods. it really taxed me mentally and think that is what kept me drained and out of it in racing that year. so, i've got to give it another shot...

the 24 hours of 9-mile has been annouced as the norba national championships for this year. i was planning on solo 12 hour, but now we might try to get a group together for the 4-man open just to say we competed for a national championship. maybe scott will ride with us...we could use a ringer. we'll see though...still a little early for race plans, eh?

so tomorrow is thanksgiving. i hope everyone has a great time with family and friends and that all travel is safe.

22 November 2005


we woke up to two owls 'conversing' this morning. it was really cool, it sounded like they were right below our office window. i knew there was a reason i got up at 5:30...owls! (and work)

did some running last night in the park and they have all the ski signage up...turns out my running loops run exactly the opposite direction as the ski trials (without exception). so, my first few skis will serve as a reprogram of sorts. hopefully i don't have any head-on collisions...but i guess that is putting the donkey in front of the cart, no snow yet...

packers got beat again (suprise, suprise). whatever, one step closer to a top five in next year's draft.

on december 1st, the milwaukee brewers are announcing "new" sunday uniforms for 2006. the blurb on milwaukeebrewers.com said that the old ball and glove emblem will be returning...is that cool or what?? now, why just on sundays?

21 November 2005

i'm serious.

another solid weekend in the books. friday night we met some coworkers out to celebrate the end of our most recent project. problem is, my part of the work will continue through this week, culminating in a client meeting next week. but, it was still fun.

saturday we did some cleaning, then it was off to a wedding. it was one of robin's coworkers so we didn't really know many people there. also, there was a lot of time between ceremony and reception, so we did the obvious: we went furniture shopping. we found a cabinet for the dining room and placed an order. now we have to wait 12 weeks to get it...the recepion was ok, i didn't drink because i was determined to feel well on sunday, which i did. we went to breakfast and then ran a few errands. wrapped up some odds and ends in the yard and then put up some christmas lights (we're not turning them on until next week at least).

i know what your thinking. 'he hasn't mentioned anything bike related yet.' well, after the lights i suited up and rode the 1x1 up the military ridge trail. it was pretty wet and windy, perfect for some power/slow base type training. i had a lot of fun...it's been a while since i've done a 'real' workout and the endorphins had me feeling pretty good. i finished with some riding around the park down the street from our house. they have some wide mowed trails there that offer a little entertainment on a mtb. i'll have to try skiing there this winter...

it's nice starting the week knowing there are only 3 workdays.

18 November 2005

winter time in the city time.

last week, someone at work noticed that there was a bag of cheetos sitting in the vending machine, and they gave them to me (i was sitting in the breakroom reading the paper). i accepted, i mean, how often can you truly torment your coworkers? here is the rationale: i get a bag of wonderfully fatty cheetos and leave them on my desk unopened. for weeks. this could just push someone over the edge. every once in a while i'll pick them up, fondle them a bit. crinkle the bag, really get the pavlovian juices flowing. then, against all office logic, i'll set them back down unopened and drink some water (instead of cola or mountain dew). brilliant!!!

i did some bike drills last night and for some reason they were more difficult than they have been. tomorrow, time pending, i'd like to ride the 1x1 to work (where we have a small exercise facility) and do some lifting. then ride home. sounds good.

we're going to a wedding this weekend for one of robin's coworkers. i like november weddings, they're kind of fun. hopefully it doesn't rain too much...

17 November 2005


i wonder how cold it got in duluth last night? colder than 12 i would guess...which is what it was here.

i ran last night and that wind reminded me of...well...february. pushed myself hard with the core strength stuff and then ate a bunch of pasta. it was almost a healthy night (with the exception of the ice cream ben and jerry's style). oh well, everyone needs a little extra insulation for the winter. at least that's what the fat women at work insist on. i wonder what their excuse is for the spring, summer and fall? i heard one of them saying that they didn't believe in childrens' weight percentiles (like it is a religion or something). she went on to say that she likes that her 7 year old niece is "pudgy" because "if she ever gets really sick and loses a bunch of weight she won't die." holy crap!?! the good news is that this is my competition for promotions....

i need more coffee. speaking of coffee, we are still having coffee issues at the house. i can't get it to taste good, and it still takes forever to brew. that 20 minute expreience dictates (i said dictate) my mood all morning. it needs to be remedied...

happy thursday.

16 November 2005

kicking television.

yesterday, wilco release their live album 'kicking television' recorded at the vic in chicago. in a word, it's amazing. if you've never heard wilco live (and i'm not talking a song here and there but a full set of music), now is your chance. jeff tweedy is a musical genius and wilco gets it done time after time. i'm really excited to own this one.....

in other news...snow!! we only got a half inch or so, but it's enough to cover everything and give it a real wintery feel around here. it's kind of exciting to see the white stuff. i'll be cursing it in about 2 months, but for now it's fun. i could live without he coating of ice on the roads, but i guess that comes with the territory.

the 1x1 is back up and running. i'd like to get a slightly bigger ring on the front, but for now it's ready for some winter riding. i didn't exercise last night which bummed me a little, but i felt a little bit sickish when i got home so i opted for a nap instead. that seemed to do the trick, so hopefully tonight i can get out and enjoy the cool weather. now it's time to tackle the s-works overhaul...

proposals are starting to go out...ron's even had to deal with people writing emails with broken english...but maybe they are the ones we can trick into sponsoring our rag tag squad. i mean seriously, most of the guys on this team are drinkers with a riding problem (maybe we should change our name to the hash house cyclists??) but that does not mean we can't score some sponsors!

"the best songs never get sung, the best laugh never leave your lungs!"

15 November 2005

here we go.

i ran last night with a headlamp in the park in the rain. it was so much fun and i actually felt good doing it for once. the blustery weekend blew a lot of the leaves off the trails and that had me breathing better. it was a great night for running and it got me really excited to do some x-country skiing...

spent some more time on sponsorship things last night, then did some basement work. the unfinished portion of our basement is now relatively organized and free of debris. trash collection is tomorrow so i'll be busy taking the heaps of garbage and recycling that we've generated doing all this cleaning. good riddance!

i've got a little more work on the singlespeed i want to do and i've got my light all charged and on stand by for a single speed night ride in the first snows of the year. we'll see if it happens...

have a good tuesday everyone.

14 November 2005

this weekend.

whew, what a weekend. friday night ronny boy and i got together to work on the sponsorship proposal and talk some smack. it's coming along nicely and should be finished tonight.

saturday robin and i got up relatively early and eased into the day. but there was work to be done and that is what we did. she wrapped up the bathroom project and i cleaned all the windows in the house. i pulled the screens off and stored them in the basement, we get noticably more light in the house now. after lunch, i did some riding with ron on the knobbies at blackhawk. the trails were perfect and we were loading the bikes when the rains came...perfect timing. then i spent some time reaffirming my dislike of iowa football and then went to jt whitney's for some food and to drown our sorrows. off too the residents' party saturday night (i learned that a lot of iowa docs come to madison for their residencies) where i continued to drown my sorrows.

yesterday was equally as productive. we sorted through some junk in some closets/basement. we are actually getting a little closer to being organized. we dropped off some junk at goodwill and then ran some errands. watched the packers beat the falcons (wtf?) and then worked on the single speed a bit. anyway, it was a busy weekend but a necessary one.

snow this week. not much here but our friends to the north are set for 4-8". i guess it's that time of the year!!

11 November 2005

high cadence and a clean shop.

last night robin had a rowing meeting and then met a friend for some sushi (bonzi!!!). this left me to entertain myself and that sometimes is a sketchy deal. but i made the most of it. first, an hour on the trainer with cadence drills on the menu. man i wish i would have been doing drills before this...the trainer time absolutely flies by! then i took on the workshop portion of the basement. wilco kept me company while i picked up all the junk that had accumulated on the workbench. in the process, i figured out our electrical problem we've had with some of the outlets in the basement. the former homeowner was an idiot...and he's a surgeon (yikes).

i did some work on the sponsorship proposal for the team (i am the new sponsorship coordinator--self titled--ron is too) and it is looking pretty good. i'm scaling back from what we've had in the past, more 'bite sized' morsals with less reading. in the end it's who you know so hopefully our various connections are as strong as we think...

then i had the off-season dinner of champions: frozen pizza (cooked of course...generally the only frozen foods i eat are popsicles) while watching a spot of television. in other words, i completely negated my workout.

it's friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09 November 2005

blue walls.

a blue bathroom is what we have after last night. well, three walls anyway. light blue on 3 walls and, tonight, dark blue on one wall. should be neat. robin did all the painting...i felt a little bad about it but it's a small room. so i did what i could (moved the ladder, cleaned the brushes/roller, etc.). we'll finish painting tonight and then hopefully put up the new hardware this weekend. nice.

other than that, i hit some single leg pedalling drills on the trainer. the drills are nice, i ended up with an hour of bike time and it flew by. hopefully it makes me a little faster next year...

oh, and i put the screws into our new mailbox. it actually looks ok for a toy. and now that it is attached to the old post, it is super solid.

interestingly enough, our own president bush had a few things to say about our neighborhood terrorists, er, i mean vandals. here is an exerpt:

president bush, what would you say to the vandals if they were here now?
"bring 'em on."
what is the second thing you would say to the vandals mr. president?
"i'm going to smoke 'em out."
and the third?
"bring 'em on."

very well said indeed.

08 November 2005

some day, some morning...some time.

chuck and lorelei have a new addition: edison alexander dokken. congrats!

we have a replacement mailbox...a black plastic mailbox that kind of looks like a toy. hopefully those vandals come back and try again...i have a feeling that if they aim low again injury will happen this time (that pole isn't moving).

i ran for 45 minutes through the park last night and then hit the core strength stuff. i was having a hard time breathing but i think it was due to the abundance of leaves on the trails. felt good to get out and the night was beautiful. seeing the cross country ski trials has got me a little excited at the prospect of skiing this year...maybe i'll have to get a season pass. of course, we need some snow to make that worth while.

hopefully we can start painting the bathroom tonight. it's going to be a fair amount of work, but it'll be worth it in the end.

07 November 2005

tweedy, yard casualty and more...

saturday morning we got up and headed to the last outdoor farmers market of the year. it was a very nice november morning, and we were happy. before the market we hit victor allens for some great coffee and scones to warm us up. the crowds are down this time of the year so we were able to make great time without trying to rush. we ended up buying a few plants, a squash and some salsa. then we walked to the open house for the new theater tour at the overture center (formerly known as the oscar meyer theater). it looks really nice...we are pretty lucky in madison. it started raining on our way home so yardwork had to wait again.

we settled on colors for our bathroom, picked up the paint and fixtures for the walls. we also got a cabinet for our wine fridge and put that together while watching a tough badger game (ouch).

then it was time for the main event.

glenn kottche was very good in a new agey sort of way. i love the percussion so he had me on the edge of my seat. he was playing a lot of tribal type stuff and you could really hear the influence that it has on yankee hotel foxtrot and a ghost is born

jeff tweedy was very good. you could tell it was the first solo gig in the tour, and it took him a while to get into the flow. it almost seemed like he was looking around for the band at times, but he always delivered great renditions of songs from all the wilco albums plus the stuff he has done with loose fur. the first enchore (and arguably the best moment of the night) he came out with his son on drums (around 8 years old). that kid could play, but he only played for one song because it was past his bedtime. then glenn came out and they rocked the stage. tweedy definately felt more comfortable with some help. another 1 song enchore and we were outta there.

it was still raining as we drove up to our house...something wasn't right. before i saw it robin said we had to call the police. that's right, our mailbox was smashed. the local vandals were busy, with several mailboxes beat up along the street but ours was the worst hit (nice). the wood was splintered and now we only have a stub coming out of the ground. we spent way too much time trying to find a replacement yeasterday...those things aren't cheap...and there are a lot of ugly ones. ah yes, the joys of home ownership.

we found a breeder for airdales in sun prarie and we may be getting a puppy as soon as the spring (depending on when they have their next litter). those dogs are really, really nice.

then we finally did our yard work. there are a few things to get in the garage yet, but we're almost there.

so there you have it, a very busy weekend for not having many plans.

04 November 2005

welcome back.

welcome home coach yount.

seriously, the brewers are only a couple of moves away from being a wild card contender. bringing robin yount back as bench coach is a step in that direction.

new ownership, a great gm, unbelievable young talent and now a very solid coaching staff...it's good to be a brewer fan.

time to try harder.

you ever look in the mirror and ask yourself 'what have you done lately to improve yourself?' i don't mean athletically, because i've got that covered. i mean in an intellectual sense. it's been ages since i've read a book (although i did read the short story 'the pearl' by john steinbeck on our way home from park city). i get home from work and i lose time. i literally waste 3 hrs a day doing things i can't remember the next morning.

i'm going to put a lot of effort into changing that.

also, i need to stay in better contact with my friends. there are a couple people in my wedding i haven't spoken to more than once since. we're not mad at each other, just lazy. i hate the phone but that is a lame excuse to lose touch with really good friends and i need to change that.

sorry, this just occurred to me.

i am really excited for the jeff tweedy show. the opener is the percussionist from wilco, glenn kotche. the last time we saw wilco i pretty much watched him the whole time. although, typically, i mostly watch the drummers. they always look like they are having so much fun.

i'm also going to get the yard ready for winter this weekend. mother nature gave us a pardon and i'm going to use it fully. it'll be a little depressing pulling all of our plants up that we babied through the warm months, but i guess that is the cycle, like it or not.

have a great weekend.

03 November 2005

nothing ever original here.

hit the pedaling drills last night, this time focusing on cadence. these drills really pass the time on the bike and i really think it's starting to help after only 2 weeks. now if only i could get my cadence sensor to work...

then i did my core exercises and i was worked (all in just under an hour). i want to hit the weightroom a bit this year, i just need to figure out how/when it will fit in. we have a facility at work but there is something unsettling about seeing the people you work with sweat. who am i kidding, most of these people wouldn't be caught dead working out...

02 November 2005

i can be the you for you...

john coltrane has got me in a good mood this morning. actually, jazz has been the music of choice this week. you see, i need to have earphones in my ears most times of the day to mask the noises (eating, clearing throat, eating, clearing throat, talking alot, etc.) my coworkers make around me throughout the day. if not noices, it's constant chatter about nothing. more motivation to move up in the company and get an office...

but i digress. last night i headed to the orpheum to get tickets to the much anticipated jeff tweedy show (saturday). my favorite musician by far, but i've never seen him without the full compliment of wilco. should be a good one.

also, i'm focusing in on my 2006 season objectives. i will be racing the solo 12hr category at nine-mile. the idea here is that, well, i'm burnt on swimming. without swimming, i cannot do tris. but i still want to shoot for ironman in 2007. so, i'll keep running at a relatively low level and go long in the bike races. should be a suffer fest, and will surely keep me motivated through the winter. other than that and fat tire, i'll leave it open because, uhhhh, it's like a long way away or something.

this weekend is one more big race in the midwest. the classic that is 'the iceman cometh' in MI. good luck scott and lisa, tear it up one last time for the big ringers...

01 November 2005


so, the team is going to be different next year. change is inevitable but sometimes you forget that. i'm sad about it but in a way i'm excited. if the remnants will allow it, i am going to try to take the reigns and keep this thing going. i'm not interested in switching to a another team, the road offers no satisfaction for me. i understand why people are leaving, but those reasons are not what motivate me.

i am an age group cyclist/athlete. that is just how it is. i'm not ever going to be a professional. the past few seasons i guess i've had that in the back of my mind as a goal, but that is unrealistic. this isn't to say that i don't want to do well, it is just that certain other things are more important that getting a semi-pro card or getting that cat 2. when i moved to expert a few years back, a mental switch happened in my head. that is when i stopped having fun. it took me a year away to realize that. but now i'm straight and ready to have some fun (and if the results come with that, all the better).

sorry to those readers who are saying 'jeez that entry is cryptic.' it is because of circumstance, but i had to get some thoughts off my chest.

i hope everyone has a great tuesday.