31 August 2005

sky is falling.

the buzz at 7:30am this morning in the office are the rising gas prices. rising as fast as the water in new orleans. people are starting to freak out because now it will cost $2 more per tank of gas than it did last week. the concern i have are the downstream price increases that are inevitable. every step in the supply chain will have to adapt which will have a bigger impact than what we pay at the pump. gas prices may go down (not any time soon though) but once goods and services prices go up, they are unlikely to return to there original amount.

but, i guess this has to happen sometime. we've built a society squarely over a foundation of automobile transportation and now it's time to pay the piper. lets get it over with. eat your heart out hummer owners.

the cross bike/commuter is looking more and more appealing.

in other news: i ended up around 2.5hrs last night on the mtb. not bad. we rode to blue mounds on the military ridge trail and then did a short loop on the mounds. then obviously back home. it was a beautiful night and it was good to ride with ron again.

30 August 2005


holy crap i'm sore. do a little digging in the yard and i'm limping around like an idiot. i'm sore in places that don't make sense, though. hmmmmm.

as some of you know i'm in the market for a new mtb this fall/winter. but the thought of spending near $3000 on a bike is making me ill. especially considering that my focus next year will still probably not be on the mtb. i've been putting some thought into getting my hard tail straight with a new fox fork (my rock shox is dead) and looking at a seat post system (thudbuster) for the long mtb races/rides (12/24) to help my back a little. i figure i can do that for $600 rather than $3000 and maybe even buy a cross bike for, well, cross racing and commuting and winter riding. that way, the rocket gets a little less of the wear and tear in harsh conditions. a new xo1 or poprad is around $1100 depending on where you look. that puts me at 1700 for an upgraded mtb and a new cross bike. any thoughts???

moral of the story is that bikes are damn expensive. damn. damn damn.

ron and i are going to ride the military ridge trail on the mtbs tonight. try to get a couple hours of endurance work in. then time trials on wednesday (i think it's the last one of the year).

28 August 2005

weekend was good.

friday night i went for a little ride (or what was supposed to be). i got lost south of verona and had to call my wife for directions home. good thing she was around. that put me over 2 hrs so i got a freebie on saturday. we took full advantage.

after sleeping in (8:30!!) we hit victor allens for some coffee and scones. then it was downtown to check out he farmers market. since we were so close to the subaru dealer, we stopped in to check out the new tribeca. we even drove one. this is our next car, but that won't be awhile. the tribeca is the perfect size and has a bunch of get up and go. subaru has mastered all wheel drive which is a big plus. not to mention it looks pretty cool.
after our drive, we headed to the great dane to sit on the deck and drink a beer and eat some fried cheese. two beers later we headed to the home depot to pick up some supplies for some jobs around the house. home where we were greeted with a message from brian and erin fuller inviting us out to spring green for dinner. it was a great evening (mostly) and we got home late.

another morning of sleeping in. i spaced out the fact that i had to go to work so i went in later than i had wanted. but, once work was done i put 3.5 hrs into some landscaping around our deck/fern bed. looks nice for a chump. an hour on the bike and then home for dinner and maybe some ice cream later on.

the weather was unbelievable and we took full advantage. hope everyone else had a good one!

26 August 2005

here we go again.

another day. hmmm.

rode last night for an hour and a quarter and i felt pretty good. out of laziness the aero bars were still on the bike and i enjoyed using them for once. there was enough wind to make it a help. anyway, probably a similar ride tonight and then maybe a mtb grind up the militarty ridge trail this weekend (i wonder if i could make it to dodgeville in a reasonable amount of time??)

we're home this weekend so hopefully we'll be making progress on some small projects around the house. i'd like to go to the uw demonstration gardens for some planning for next years landscaping projects...the big one being an island garden in the front yard.

robin has been working super hard at rowing. she is a trooper, she's on the water/ergs almost 8 hrs a week these days. that's some solid training time (you can see it in her shoulders and back....beefcake!!).

i'm tinkering with the blog (offsite) so expect a complete overhaul in the next few....months (already planning for my procrastination). it'll be pretty sweet but that's all i'm going to say about that.

good luck to all that are on the wors train this weekend. alterra cbc...if it were a bit closer we'd show up to watch (and drink the free coffee).

i'm doug and i'm outta herrrrrreeee.

25 August 2005

back on the bike...

tonight i'll be back on the bike. nothing hard-core like ScottyP, but back on the bike none the less.

august allergies are still getting me, but that is more a way of life than anything.

i must be almost recovered because last night after work i couldn't hold still. i cleaned and organized the garage, cleaned the lower level of our house, unpacked from the weekend (finally) and did some raking in the yard. i need to ride...

24 August 2005

tired and sore (still)

well, the title of this one says it all. one more day off should do the trick...

last night i hit the links with greg. the first couple of holes were rough (especially the triple bogey par three) but i finished par-par-bogey-par-double bogey which is pretty good considering i haven't played since our wedding day. i wish i could play more but i'd definately rather ride my bike (most of the time).

work has been crazy. my current project is keeping me very busy and well, frustrated. the compound, the method, the client...all aspects of my frustration. i better get used to it because there is a year long study starting in 2 wks that i will be heading. that reminds me, this past friday i was promoted. good news. the way it works around here is that you do the work of the next level and then you get promoted. so my work won't really change, but the pay increase is nice!

thanks for reading.

22 August 2005

not much to do in iowa...
but, in drug town..er...marian, we found out otherwise.
do you have tickets???


Pigman started out like a lot of late season races in the midwest, with a high bacteria warning at the swim venue. “Swim at own risk” really doesn’t instill a lot of good thoughts as you wade into the muck to start the race. But, I wasn’t in Cedar Rapids IA to not race, so it was on.

The water temp was 81 degrees, which meant that wetsuits were optional but if you wore one you were not in contention for awards. So, no wetsuit.

The swim started without too much drama, and I was able to find a nice rhythm and putter away at the distance without much disruption. My sighting was off causing me to swim an extra 50-100 meters over the 1.2 mi course, but that comes down to inexperience. Out of the water in 36 minutes (yuck) and through t1 very slowly, and out on the bike.

The rolling course suited me on the bike, and in hind site I should have pushed it a bit harder. On the other hand, I’m still learning the whole pacing game in terms of ‘what can I do on the bike that will allow me to perform well in the run.’ My hydration and nutrition scheme was executed to perfection and worked well. I managed a 21.8 mph average for the bike, for a time of 2:33.14. right where I wanted it to be.

T2 was slow (the bathroom stop didn’t help) and I was off for the run. The run course had two hills. You decended down out of the park and ran on flat roads to the turn around. The turn was on the top of a hill, and then it was back to the park. I went out feeling really (REALLY) good, but I also noticed that I had a ‘sensation’ on the bottom of my foot. I knew it to be the sensation of blister formation. My only hope was that my blistering would hold off until the end. But, hold off it did not and the whole way home my pace was limited by the pain my left foot was experiencing. I’ve never really had pain like that and even though my legs and brain were screaming to go faster, my foot was unabliging. I ended up running 1:39 for the run after going out sub 7s.

The culprit?? Residual sand on my foot from the swim. The one thing I forgot to do got me in the end, and I finished 38th with a 4:54 and change. File that one under learning experience.

All in all, I reached my goal of sub 5hr. My best guess is that the blistering cost me 15 minutes in the run which would have put me up around the top 20. Something to shoot for in future triathlon endeavors.

21 August 2005

check it.

16 August 2005

few and far between...

well, my taper has started in earnest and i feel pretty good so far. i'm doing the same amout of workouts, just cutting back on durations. yesterday i cut out of swimming about 2/3 through, but not before 2x100m time trials. i'm glad we did some all outs because i still want a little intesity to keep things fresh.

i picked up some new cycling shoes last week and i don't know if it's mental or what, but i'm riding a lot fast since (on the road). last night, i went out for an easy spin on the hour loop and finished in around 56 minutes. fast...hopefully signs of good things to come.

the weather has been perfect, and it is forcasted to stay that way through the weekend. high of 80 on sunday is just right. wetsuit decision will be made and announced the day before the race, so i guess i'll pack it. not too concerned either way, with or without the wetsuit the swim is my biggest question mark. my strategy for this race? i'm going to try to find some fast feet in the swim and then ride out of my comfort zone on the bike. just try to hang on in the run (steve larson style...why not emulate another mtb'er turned tri wuss, eh?).

work has been busy of late, but nothing i can't handle. actually, a few extra hours at the office might help calm me during taper. too much work a good thing??

11 August 2005


man o man, the allergies are killing me! i guess it's "that time of the year." it hit me hard after pre-ride at time trials last night. out of the blue it felt like the roof of my mouth swelled up and got all itchy. the actual time trial went well, though, i'm feeling faster by the week.

we'll see how the allergies pan out, right now tonight will be a rest day. otherwise a short run my be in order.

this weekend is the great sister move weekend. beth is moving to ec for a month or 2 before she high tails it to denmark, and betsy is moving to janesville. i've got to work a bit on saturday and then some trail riding is in my future after that.

oh, and i may have found a buyer for my old road bike. hopefully it fits him!

08 August 2005

i feel like myself again...

well, my post 12 hr funk is over and i'm beginning to feel like myself again. the brick on saturday felt unreasonably difficult, so i took yesterday off (and slept in to boot). i woke up this morning feeling zero motivation to swim, but once i was in and the sun came up it was golden. the atttrition rate has been high, so there were only two of us in the lane. nice. coach dick was telling me all the things i do wrong but that is nothing new. boy, he always feels the need to remind me that i suck. i guess it's ok to suck if you are keeping up with all the fast people in the class. thanks dick!

13 miles or running tonight (or so). then maybe we'll hit the trek store and pick up my shoes...maybe. i need to book a hotel for pigman (less than two weeks away). work is picking up a little bit too.

it's august and i'm starting to feel some urge to get our house projects done. i think after moving we needed a month or so just to hang out and recover, but now i'm starting to see things i want to work on.

paint the exterior woodwork around the doors and stain the deck are the big ones but there is some plant/dead tree removal i'd like to do in the next month ahead of the city of madison street crew brush collections. we still haven't hung a picture and our new couch is coming thursday...which means the basement will start to be a project on our minds. then there is our bedroom.......patience i guess?

time to break some rocks.

06 August 2005

under construction...

alright, so like the title says...this baby is getting some work done. we'll see if i completely ruin it or not, but i've been figuring somethings out (which isn't saying a whole hell of a lot). so if you see some whacked out shizzy you kind of know what is going one round here...not that anyone reads this anyway...

anyway, a little blog time this morning. then, a 3hr brick to wrap up the saturday a.m. hours. after that it's wide open....

03 August 2005


i still feel heavy and tired from last weekend's racing. although, the pool session this morning i started feeling a little more like myself. last night's run was rough, and ultimately i shortened it. also, i cannot stop eating...hopefully i don't get too big.

pigman is less than 3wks away and i'm trying to get psyched up for it. one last big workout this weekend (some sort of brick seems like a good idea) and then it's settle in time. i'd really like to get in under 5hrs but my running volumes have been down of late because of trying to recover from mtb races. hopefully i can gut out a decent run split and stop the clock in the mid to late 4's.

sis is done working now so she will spend august perpetually at our house. great. it's just that i really like alone time...even if she is upstairs and i'm down, i'm not alone. whatever, i'll get over it (it seems i have no choice). the end is in sight, she starts her teaching job at the end of the month in janesville.

time trials tonight...still deciding if i'll race it or just go and get a couple of 'soft' laps with ronny boy. my legs is still trash and i'd like to be tip top for the saturday brick.

i wonder how pat is doing??

01 August 2005


boy, 12 hours really does hurt.

this years 24/9 mile was huge...record numbers. you could really tell by the amount of traffic on the course. i always seemed to get jammed up in the single track, but for the most part people would yeild the trail to the speedier riders. most of the time.

anyway, i took on the lemans start again this year, although my run was a little slower than last year. i came through the 400 meter run in 15-20th position (as opposed to 2nd last year) and set out on the course. i got out there and felt like i was way back. i was in the front of the group i was in, but i assumed that i was down at least 10-15 riders after the first 3 or 4 miles of the 13.5 mile course. once people blew off some early energy, they started to fade back. there were still a handfull of people riding my wheel, so i surged and tried to drop them on one of the long climbs. i stode and cranked a little, looked back after a minute or so...nothing. after that, i just tried to maintain my pace and regulate my heartrate. it's a long race but it's nice to get an early lead. i came through 6th or 7th and scotty went out and ran a really hot lap. after that, we alternated all the way through. scott didn't think he could do 2 consecutive laps without cramping, so w alternated. lap 4 really hurt me the most, and the second half of lap 6. we had a big enough cusion to have scott stop and wait for the 10pm hour and cross. we still won by 25 minutes over the spring street sports crew in second. we slowly pulled away throughout the day.

it feels really good to get on a podium again, and i had a ton of fun doing it. i'm really beat down today (and tired) but am already considering trying the 12hr solo next year. we'll see though...

i would have rather run laps in pairs, because i would have been able to eat better and maybe feel better today, but it all worked out. and i got an interesting interval workout out of the deal.

i'll try to post some pics sometime in the next couple of days.