29 April 2005

like two one-legged men in an ass kicking contest.

after watching the bush press conference last night (what i could stomach of it), a bumper sticker i saw after the 2000 election came to mind:
dear world, we're sorry (we tried). --over half of the usa

this morning, we had a different coach. that former olympian is probably still laughing at my technique.


this is my current favorite blog to read...funny:


whoever reads this, i need to ask a favor. i need some new music. it's been awhile since there has been an album that i can listen to constantly for a couple of weeks. the new jack johnson is close. modest mouse 'good news for people who love bad news' is close too (if only it didn't have so many coffin, casket, and death lyrics (creepy)). that last ones for me were the shins 'chutes too narrow' (at around a 30min album length, that one sometimes got played 3 times in a row) and the postal service 'give up.' so, any suggestions are appreciated--and will help get me through the final build up to auburn.

eau claire bound this weekend. 4hr brick tomorrow. i was going to try my hand at open water swimming on sunday in altoona, but reports have the water temp at 40 degrees. yikes!


28 April 2005

gale force.

whoa nelly, the winds are getting a bit old. i got worked over last night on the bike. i intended it to be a hard day, so i guess i got what i intended. at least the wind was at my back while doing hill repeats. i don't mind tail or head winds on the bike, but the cross winds get annoying...

not much else. we close on the house on monday, then the wait begins. the rent back expires at the end of june. then it's moving time...

heading to ec this weekend. 4+ hr workout on saturday, and maybe an open water swim in lake altoona on sunday. if the water is warmer than 50 degrees that is. brrrrrr.


27 April 2005

turn radius...

i've got nothing to say about anything related to a turn radius, the words just popped in my head. that is something i like to do with non-urgent work emails. like to the it department. if i put "can't log in" in the subject, i get squat from them in terms of help (or if i do, i get help 6 hrs later...real nice). but, if i shoot them an email with "burn up in the atmosphere" in the subject, curiosity must force them to read the note--possibly thinking it is nonwork related--and i get help right away (like i send any of them non work related anything). this really points to one underlying fact.......i work with a bunch of idiots. doesn't everybody though?

so...no post yesterday. monday i spun some recovery into my legs, it pissed rain and blew me around the road so i ended up going harder than i would have liked, but i didn't see a soul on a bike so maybe that means i am tougher than some of my opponents? maybe. or maybe i'm just stupid.

i don't like looking past 'A' races, but i'm going to state my major goal for the summer season. run speed. i keep thinking about how slow i was this past weekend. now, i never expect to run sub 6's at the back end of a triathon, but for the love of god i need to be under 7. not really much i can do about it prior to auburn (run what you brung) but by pigman i plan to have this addressed. and i really don't see any reason i can't be slightly under 7min/mi for ironman 2006. never too early....

i did something a little different last night. i want to get used to pushing through feeling like crap, so last night i picked one of my more hilly run routes. warmed up for 15min, and than ran 3x(10m hard, 5 min easy). and i ran the hard really hard (relatively speaking). the last one hurt (finished on an uphill).

blasted the swim this morning....main set was:
3x [12x25yds (20 sec on 30), straight into a 6 min swim (3min steady, 3min hard)]
total: 4300 yds
30 minutes of pretty hard swimming with essentially no rest. coincidentally, i'm hoping to swim auburn in about 30 minutes. thanks coach jack!

i hope everyone has a great day (except the it department here).

25 April 2005


after watching another not so subtle cialis ad on the tele, robin and i decided they should come out with a liquid version. then, a subtle ad would read as follows:

"if you cannot get it up, sit down and have a cup." we thought that was funny.... (we're dorks).

i don't feel like i did a race yesterday. usually, after mtb races, my lungs are full of dirt and i'm exhausted. i know, i know... 70 minute races shouldn't leave me sore or tired. maybe it means i could have gone harder? actually, i could have sans the stomach knot (you better not mention that again).

ho hum, it's monday. a new project monday for me at work, which means i can make it as difficult as i want it to be. i think i'll opt for easy...i just jinxed myself.

i wonder how pat did?

1 Patrick Russell 29 M Duluth MN 3:25:56 6:38
2 Jim Ramacier 41 M White Bear Lk MN 3:38:32 7:03
3 Kurt Decker 33 M Coon Rapids MN 3:42:10 7:10

nice work, man. i wish i was fast like pat....

24 April 2005


tri #1 is in the books. the race was absolutely too short. everytime i got into a rythm, it was time to switch disciplines. the 30 mph winds made the bike really fun (although there was a nice tailwind the last 4 miles). on the run i started burping up the gel i ate prerace. stupid gel. my stomach was knotted something fierce (i almost had to walk) and i ended up with a bummer 5k split (22:00!!)...that wasn't even jv in highschool. oh well, an hour race is really not going to be my strong suit considering that i'm training for a 5.5 hr race. anyway, 8th place overall and 1st place in the age group...not too shabby for a firstimer.

danielson pulled off a huge day in the mountains yesterday...nice work. if anyone is the future of american cycling, danielson is it. but don't count landis out either...

i wonder how pat did in the trailmix 50km? just another 31 miles of running...no big whoop.

22 April 2005

landis a georgia peach.

nice work, floyd. he showed up and socked it to lance, leipheimer, julich et al. yesterday at the tour of georgia. good to see a lot of americans tearing it up.

swam the warm up only this morning, i want to be fresh for this weekend. i'm lane assignment has been further clarified for sunday, i'm on the wall (hopefully closest to the door) and i'm the first swimmer in my lane (of 3). hopefully i can stay clear of the others so i don't have to deal with any passing nonsense. i'm just trying to remind myself that this isn't teh end all but a step towards the big one. i've been training for may 21st, not april 24th. still would be nice to be fast though.

20 April 2005

allergies or cold???

that is the question...as it always seems to be this time of year. it's great that everything is in full bloom, but at the same time i feel like the bottom of a pig farmer's shoe. i'm leaning towards allergies because it's not really getting any worse. i felt really bad yesterday, almost bagged the run but ended up feeling pretty good afer 20 minutes or so. swimming this morning was rough, i cut the main set short (in terms of intensity...i still managed the full distance). hopefully i can get this all in check before the weekend. if i can't, it's not that big of a deal, i've got just under 5 weeks to figure it out before auburn though.

brewers are sliding...it's too early to be sliding brew crew! pick it up.

not much else to report. now it's looking to be a little chilly this weekend. no worries, the more suffering involved usually the better i am (relative to the competition). and maybe some cooler temps with stunt some of the allergins floating around....

18 April 2005


yesterday was nice. after a brutal workout on saturday, and only 20 odd minutes of training left for the week, i opted to take the day off and start the rest week early. instead, we hung out with a baby, some sheep and a dog (not to mention our friends r+c). it was a beatiful day weather wise and with the good company, a great day was had. the grumpy troll tried to make us all grumpy, but we withstood the pressure and came out smiling....

this morning i felt fresh in the water and jammed like i am a swimmer or something. huge warm up (3400 yds) and then 12x50s all out. i kept up with the fast lanes which is something i never dreamed of doing coming into this thing....

only 1 workout/day this week, what will i do with all of my free time??? clean my car out for start (that should consume a lot of it) and then some bike maintainance. my headset feels sluggish which is a concern. it's a klein so it's integrated into the frame which means it is mostly inaccesable. sam was saying that he may end up getting his klein factory replaced because of headset problemos, man i hope this isn't the start of something crappy.

this weekend is looking pretty good weather wise. it's been a super mild april (81 degrees today!!!!)


17 April 2005

big old brick and david sedaris.

if that title doesn't grab your attention....

my big workout was good, more painful than last weekend but good. it was a tad windier, and i was dehydrated/malnurished more than last week and still rode faster (by a couple of minutes). what this means you ask? well, under well hydrated and caloried conditions i should be even faster. ahh, the mind of the long distance athlete. the run hurt but then again, i didn't have 6ozs of coke between disciplines this week, and that seemed to make a big difference (note to self). all in all, it was 4hrs of goodness. and done before 2 on saturday.

"layed ill" for the afternoon and then we had a nice grilled dinner. off to the orpheum for david sedaris. now, i wasn't expecting what i saw as we pulled up to state street. the line was enormous. apparently long enough to make me sick (i dealt with a bout of naucesousness waiting in line...i think i ate too much for dinner). parking was a bit of a mess as well, there were several events going on apparently.

once inside, we took our customary balcony seats and shortly after sitting came to the conclusion that just about every annoying person in the city of madison had come to this show. really, it was amazing. the guy in front of us kept talking about the 'annie' show (loud enough so that everyone around him knew he went to the 'annie' show). "when we went to the annie show, we sat in the very last row' and 'when we were at the annie show, we drank this type of beer" ect. there aren't many times in life when shaking someone is prudent, but this may have been one of the cases.

"listen buddy, annie is a man hater (especially a knuckle dragger like you) and you shouldn't admit going to that show or risk being branded a moron!!" i can imagine him as 'that guy' at any concert you've ever gone to. the one who drinks too much and yells things like 'play some skynard' and such. and then, when he talks about the shows he refers to the artists by first name: 'the annie show was good but not as good as the dave show at alpine.' he was a concert prick. otherwise know as: asshole.

david was funny as ever, he was actually more comfortable being the center of attention (compared to sarah vowell) than i would have guessed. he read a couple of fables, one with a gorrila hair stylist talking to a cat and one about farm yard fowel (chickens with lesbian slant, roosters, geese, hens etc). then it was an aritcle he wrote for the new yorker, and another one about a dirty mouthed well dressed couple on an airplane and a cabbie who like to talk about 'fucking.' he finished his readings with some from his journal. those were funny (he cracked himself up).

it was a good night. another night making me happy to be madisonian. the farmers market opens next week!!!

15 April 2005

turn signals are for.....considerate people?

seems like turn signals are becoming less and less cool these days. maybe everyone is too busy talking to their peeps to drive responsibly. it's a bad sign for an already dismall society. not that turn signal use is a great litmus test for the success of a society (science, art, turn signals), but it's kind of like frogs in nature. you know, frogs are super sensitive to the surroundings, yadda yadda yadda. i digress...

80 min run last night and a tough swim this morning. i felt worked again, next week is the rest week...hopefully i won't be so tired in the pool so i can get some quality work done. friday i'll proabably bag it after the warm up to try to be a little spunky for the race next sunday, and then i'm going to go as hard as i can without any respect to heartrate, sensations, etc. blow the carbon out, if you will. i haven't done that for so long i think it might be a good thing to do, just to get it out of my system before the last four weeks of trianing. hopefully i don't flail in the run, but if i do it's only jayhawk...right?

onion headline of the week: Report- Cost of Living Outweighs Benefits. not to slight the classic: Bystander Stops to Watch Incompetent Parallel-Park Job.

this weekend should be another goodie: 4 hr-ish brick tomorrow in the am (whilst robin is rowing), probably some laying around in the afternoon and then off to the david sedaris show. sunday, i'll probably spin a little and then its wide open. maybe there is something we can do to prep for the move...mostly because i'm getting anxious.


14 April 2005


i have the bad habit of regularly checking the blogs of some of the local cycling 'talent' from time to time. the big thing now is doing things 'pro.'

"i ate 2 ham sandwhiches halfway through my ride, that was so pro."

"i cut my own hair short, that's pro."

pro, pro, pro, everything is pro. ride your bikes for the love of god. out of everything you do, that is the most pro. if i had any natural talent at all i'd smoke every last one of those suckas, but since i don't i'll just bad mouth them a bit.

intervals last night hurt in the wind. another set of 5/2 on the bike (6x). ends up being 30 minutes of time trialing. good for the goose. honk.

sarah vowell last night was entertaining. it was fun mostly because you could tell she hated that she was there talking to all those dorks (us included). she intimidated me, which, when we arrived to the front of the line to have our books signed, rendered me to talk in the third person (wtf??). robin saved it by saying something nice to her, but otherwise i thought she was going to destroy me. a hasty retreat was in order.
she is slight of build and a big dork and i am intimidated...what does that say about me???

nothing that i didn't already know i guess. cheers.

13 April 2005

check this one out....

hey, check this out (note the author)....


my beat is correct.

i cannot get enough of guero. he's still got it. hell yes.

lets see here, this morning's swim has me baffled. i have calculated only like 3800yds but it felt like so much more. it felt like more than monday which was 4400yds. i did a fartlek last night so maybe i'm tired? we did a huge warm up (for us) and then a short main set that blew me apart (3x400 on 6min intervals). i was hitting 5:45 for the 400 split. i'd like to be faster but what am i going to do? that puts me at 7:11 for 500 (which is the duration of the swim in a couple of weeks). speaking of which, the wave/lane placements are posted for jayhawk-- wave 11 lane 6.... on the wall, i don't know how i feel about that but oh well. the time i entered with (3 months ago) was 7:30 so hopefully i'll be faster than that (and the other 2 dudes in my lane).

tonight we're going to a book signing/reading. sarah vowell from 'this american life' and Take the Cannoli: Stories from the New World , The Partly Cloudy Patriot, and Assassination Vacation fame at borders. actually, we're on a 'tal' kick this week, with david sedaris coming up on the 16th. should be fun (i really love madison).

that's what i got for this morning. happy wednesday!

11 April 2005

great weekend.

where to start?

well, let's see. friday night we stayed in a watched a movie (the notebook *****) and ate mac and cheese from noodles and co. nice movie if you like to cry-even if you don't it was nice.

saturday we slept in and went out for breakfast. very tasty. then we walked around the square, enjoying the nice spring weather. back to home to hang out, relax, get a few things done around the house. i did a little prep ride for sunday, and then we went back downtown for sushi and ice cream. back home for the worst movie i've seen in a while....closer 1/2*. really bad movie (we thought). it was a grrrreat night anyway, though.

sunday we slept in (again). got up, had some breakfast and then i was off for my big workout of the week. i did an ironman loop in the wind. ended up with around 59 miles in just over 3 hours. straight into a 10k run in around 43 min. no speed records but i felt really good. my goal for the tri is around 3hrs for the bike and aroung 1.5hrs for the run, so i'm right on schedule.

then, it was veg time watching the masters finale. nice work tiger. dimarco put up one hell of a battle though. pasta for dinner, a walk in our new neighborhood and then more ice cream. what a good weekend (welcome back spring!!).

07 April 2005


thanks for the comment, pat. any other workout recommendations you have for 1/2 marathon speed are much appreciated...

boy, i am tired this morning. a little run down from my bam, bam, bam speed work i guess. i think the cold water really knocked me down a bit too. maybe i'm a wuss?

anyway, i had been considering the chicago marathon this fall, but now i'm leaning towards the madcity marathon next spring. this is better proximity wise to my ironman debut, and i like the idea of doing in-town racing for the biggies...at least my first year doing the biggies. madison marathon in may (i think), horribly hilly 100 (200k) bike in june, and then a few tune ups leading to the im wisconsin in september. makes sense to me.

this years program is as follows:
jayhawk sprint distance tri in april
auburn international half ironman in may
triterium olympic distance in june
wors cup (trail run and mtb race) in july
12hrs of nine mile duo mtb in july
pigman half ironman in august
wors #10-kewaunee (tune up for fat tire)
chequamegon fat tire fest in september
blockhouse and sheboygan (for fun--maybe?)

cool, i'm happy with that. less weekends consumed with racing, but bigger races that will be more challenging than last year. all building towards my eventual ironman goal.

did i mention i'm feeling tired this morning?

brewers swept the pirates, hopefully they can keep the momentum going against the cubs. then could come out of the opening 8 games with a nice record (5and3 would be great).


06 April 2005

cold water.

the water this morning was 72degrees. that's a bit chilly to start, but i like it as i get into the set. people couldn't take it apparantly because i was 1 of only 4 people that did the entire set. the warm up was 2000yds continuous and i time trialed it and completed it in about 30 minutes. that is about the distance for the tri and my goal has been to swim in less than 35 minutes so i'm pretty happy. it's just like running or riding...if you train in undesirable conditions you have a instant mental edge when comes to race day. although, it seems i may be dealing with more heat than i'm used to on the bike and run if the weather that pat experienced out west holds up. regardless of air temp, though, the water will surely be cold.

i did some speed work last night at badger prarie park. there was a track meet on the verona hs track (what do they think it is, track season?). it is probably for the best, because i end up doing slightly longer reps than i would on the track. i had planned on 800's but i ended up doing 4x3min hard (hr=185bpm) with 1.5 rest. the volume isn't large, but it's been so long since i've consistantly done any speedwork that i'm just trying to get some feel back without the risk of injury. i'll do mile repeats next week, maybe as a farlek (do they still call it that??). huh huh, i said fart.

nice work this weekend pat!

what else? hmmm....

04 April 2005


boy, the beginning of last week really had me worried. but the second half of the week went really well. 80min run on thursday (it's no ultra marathon, but it'll do), 2.5hrs over two workouts on friday and a 3hr brick riding the biggest hills i can do (besides heading out to blue mounds) with an average of 18.0mph is giving me my confidence back. it's all about the big 'm'....momentum.

this weekend was rough. the visit to robin's grandparents was nice up to the incident. it's never a good story when your grandpa makes you tremble with anger and cry. that's all i'll say about that. grandma appreciated the visit for sure.

there weren't many people swimming today so i took a chance and moved up a lane. i nailed the workout and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. lately, i've been splitting my lane with a lady who is a lot slower than myself. so on days when i'm tired/groggy, it's been easy to not push myself. today was a nice wakeup call.

i wonder how pat did this weekend? i saw an article but results weren't posted as of yesterday.

01 April 2005

blog neglect.

i'm writing this on the tail end of two tremendous workouts (in terms of feel). it is correpsonding with the allergy pills i've taken the past couple of nights. i wonder how much of this type of stuff i overthink? probably most of it. i wish i wasn't so science minded...ignorance is bliss. hopefully i will be locked in 7.5 weeks from now.

this weekend will be busy...in terms of driving. but it will be good to see the family (robin's). daylight savings time begins on sunday...this is my first day of spring every year. the equinox is too early and if you goe by that, you are usually left disappointed. that is not to rule out a 12" snow event in april, but now that april is here my optimism is at an all time high.

i ran past our new house yesterday and they had the sold sign out. sweet, i had perma grin the rest of the way home. it's a nice feeling.